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Kathmandu City


The Historic City

Kathmandu, the vibrant capital city of Nepal, is a melting pot of culture, history, and spirituality. At its heart lies Kathmandu Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where ancient palaces, temples, and courtyards showcase centuries of Nepalese architectural brilliance. Wander through the labyrinthine alleys of Thamel, a bustling neighborhood renowned for its vibrant markets, eclectic shops, and lively nightlife. Delve into the city's spiritual heritage at the sacred sites of Swayambhunath and Boudhanath, where towering stupas adorned with prayer flags beckon devotees and visitors alike. Explore the sacred Hindu temple of Pashupatinath, where cremation ceremonies along the banks of the Bagmati River offer poignant insights into Nepalese rituals and beliefs.

Venture beyond the city limits to discover hidden gems like Patan Durbar Square, known as the City of Fine Arts, and Bhaktapur, with its well-preserved medieval architecture and artisanal heritage. As the sun sets over the Kathmandu Valley, find tranquility in the serene gardens of the Garden of Dreams or indulge in authentic Nepalese cuisine at one of the city's many rooftop restaurants, offering panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayas. Kathmandu, with its fusion of ancient traditions and modern influences, promises an immersive experience that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

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Short Religious Tour

3 Days
10 Pax

Kathmandu Janakpur Religious Tour

5 Days
10 Pax