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5 Days
10 Pax



Altitude 4130
Difficulty Easy
Best Season Autumn

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$ 30000 / PERSON


Start your Basantapur exploration by immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Basantapur Durbar Square. Marvel at the ancient palaces, temples, and courtyards dating back to the Malla dynasty. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Hanuman Dhoka Palace, Kumari Ghar (House of the Living Goddess), and Taleju Temple. Take your time to absorb the intricate wood carvings, stone sculptures, and historical artifacts that adorn the square.
Dive deeper into Basantapur's cultural tapestry by engaging with its vibrant community and sampling local delicacies. Spend the day wandering through narrow alleys, where you'll encounter bustling markets, traditional handicraft shops, and street vendors selling authentic Nepalese snacks. Don't miss the opportunity to savor mouthwatering dishes like momos (dumplings), Newari cuisine, and refreshing local teas. Engage with locals to learn about their customs, traditions, and daily way of life.
Today, focus on exploring the spiritual side of Basantapur by visiting its sacred sites and monasteries. Start your day with a visit to the Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple, which offers panoramic views of Kathmandu Valley. Continue your spiritual journey with a visit to the nearby Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest stupas in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend time meditating, observing rituals, and interacting with Buddhist monks to gain insights into their beliefs and practices.
Immerse yourself in Basantapur's thriving arts and crafts scene by exploring its galleries, workshops, and artisan communities. Visit Thamel, a vibrant neighborhood known for its bohemian atmosphere and eclectic mix of shops selling traditional crafts, paintings, and handmade souvenirs. Participate in a hands-on workshop to learn traditional Nepalese crafts such as thangka painting, pottery, or mandala making. Engage with local artists and craftsmen to gain a deeper appreciation for their skills and creativity.
Conclude your Basantapur adventure with a day of outdoor exploration and scenic beauty. Head to the nearby Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park for a refreshing hike amidst lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. Choose from a range of hiking trails catering to different skill levels and preferences. Alternatively, embark on a thrilling mountain biking excursion or enjoy a serene picnic by the banks of the Bagmati River. Take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks and relish the tranquility of nature before bidding farewell to Basantapur.

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FROM 20 Apr 2024
TO 24 Apr 2024
FROM 25 Apr 2024
TO 29 Apr 2024

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